Press release of the marches

“After more of 1200 Km walking, the popular marches will arrive to Paris.

The September 17 the indignant marches will come to Paris where they will join to the global protest day opposite the economic and financial system. Their road will continue to Bruselas where they will claim a participative, real, and direct democracy.

The indignant movement was born from the May 15 manifestations and the later camping in all Spain. They evolved in every assemblies on the villages and the big cities neighborhoods. This has created an international, horizontal, non-violent and assembly movement.

On the summer, indignant from all points of Spain toured walking long distances and the July 23 they converged in a protest and festive atmosphere while.

With the exit and the popular support that they received, the different march marked a new destination, Brussels, the administrative European Union capital, and different cities and countries join to the initiative. One of the march’s more important objective is to demand a political and economic system that it not try the people as merchandises.

The September 17 they will arrive to Paris arrive and they will hold a great rally and a great assembly where will exchange experiences and new proposals will be collected. The march will continue more days and they will arrive to Brussels at October 8. There will be a week with action, debates and lectures that it will culminate with a great manifestation at October 15. In this date, that it is global meeting, they will claim common objectives and they will be manifest that indignation does not understand of boundaries.”



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