The marches arrived to Brussels. Last news: people were arrested

From: Walktobrussels

Starting the 7 p.m. hikes of the Indignant movement arrived like planned at the park Elisabeth in Brussels. Hundreds were waiting for them in the park next to circa ten international media representatives. The highlight was when the hikers arrived close to the park and received a welcome, collective hug from those who were waiting.
After answering to the journalists the assembly started.

Finding a decision between the two options, camping in the park or accepting the proposition to sleep in the abandoned building of the ancient catholic university (HUB) next to the park, was the only order of this assembly. Through the assembly a woman in uniform and a painted heart on her hand rose to speak and said, as a representative of the police, that camping in the park is not negotiable, but that Agora Brussels could take place during the day into the park.
Different possibilities like staying or accepting the invitation of the university were discussed.

At the end of the assembly the police in protective gear and bats advanced and surrounded the people and the tension raised up. After surrounding completely all the tents, the first police row pushed a group of hikers until those were divided and started to take off abruptly approximately twenty tents. After taking off all those tents, more police officers, police with dogs and police buses approached the place.
The situation changed due to this police presence.

The police started to negotiate with the protestors, who were resisting in a peaceful way. They proposed to change their attitude in exchange to not arrest anybody.
Face to the insistency of staying, a last proposition was given: a small group could continue staying in the park without tents while the rest will sleep inside the building.
Although the protestors just were accepting and following the proposition, the police closed up the circuit around them.
One officer came, speaking in Spanish, for an ultimate dialog.

To the question, which law was neglect, he explained that a group over five persons was equal to an illegal demonstration.The answer to the question, if there would be a problem, if the protestors find themselves into 5-persons-groups, was negative. Thus they started to form 5-persons-groups, but because of the repression due to the police encirclement, it was not possible to leave the surrounded place. Confused smiles on officer´s face were caught, but just shortly, because some minutes later the order to interfere was given.

While the Indignants were still discussing the police intervene in a really brusque way: tear gas against peaceful protestors was used and two detention buses were approaching. Pushing and beating by bats and dog bites and 48 detentions were witnessed. All 48 were taken to the police office, rue Caserne in the municipality of Etterbeek, where they have to stay in administrative arrest for 12 hours.
The violence used against the peaceful protestors attested another time the harassment and the aggression used against the protestors, which they already lived during their hikes.

Paris and Brussels showed to the world the sustained police repression, which continue to be applied by the security services against their own tax payer.


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