OccupyWalkStreet in Agora Brussels

Agora Brussels continues its activities. Yesterday, during the day, workshops about horizontality and assemblies, european austerity measures and influence of financial lobbies took place for the fourth day.

In the context with the international Anti-Capitalist Day a group of 30 Indignant took Dexia Bank’s main building in Brussels, which was privatized and rescued. The action was to occupy symbolically the bank, to do an assembly and then go peacefully but leaving some banners. When the Indignants were about to leave, the police arrived and closed the doors. 6 people were handcuffed and detained. After a small time they were released without charge. A girl was injured.

At 8:30pm the assembly took place with 200 participants. The content was basically concerned about the necessities of the building and then an open mic.

Another spontaneously assembly had place in front of Simonis metro station to win some visibility and to be more close to the people from the street. Everyday assembler methodology is being improved generating more fluid dynamics.

On the other hand, the HUB building, neuralgic center of Agora Brussels, is receiving a lot of visits and citizen donations. Yesterday arrived Gerry Condon, war veteran from Vietnam and antiwar activist, now part of the OccupyWalkStreet

Condon will participate friday in the general assembly. We also got the visit from a spokesman of the Italian march, who passed the information, that from the 7th October people started to take the streets in Italy and he also confirmed that the Italian march will arrive from the 15th October.

During today, workshops and different activities will continue, with different topics related with common agricultural policy, sociocracy, public health or transforming conflicts into non hierarchical groups.

Today it’s been decided to do the general assembly at 18pm in front of “Simonis” metro station to motivate audience participation. There is a press release with the media ar 11am at Elisabeth’s park to speak about october 15th.

15 Octubre united for global change …. 15 Octubre unidos por un cambio global.


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