German march arrive to Agora Brussels

For a presentation of the Indignant Movement and to inform about the demonstration on Saturday, 15th October, a press conference was given yesterday in the park Elisabeth. A group of 40 Indignants, speaking individually, explained that the marches, walking together and also given attention to the inhabitants of traversed villages, are corresponding to the principles of the organization and performance of the movement: horizontality and supporting confidence of the collective intelligence. Agora Brussels is composed of approximately 300 to 400 people, but still expecting about 300 people from German and Dutch marches and, due to citizens and visitors of Brussels, who will join, a certain number participants cannot be given. It was informed that the demonstration on Saturday will start at the North Station between 13:30 and 14:00, cross several neighbourhoods and reach the Schuman Square, where a general assembly will be hold. The route has been authorised by the police, but it was also said, that assemblies in the park Elisabeth will be allowed every day until 22:00 and it is not the case. Agora Brussels demanded respect to taken agreements. Statements of some Indignants are attached to this press release document. During the day action and workshops continued. In the afternoon a group of thirty people have discussed the current situation in Syria, referring to the Belgian context and questioning the will of Western countries to support democracies in the Middle East in making an end to despotic regimes. Adjustment on a document about common political agriculture (CPA) including new alternatives, which will be furnish to the EU., was the working goal of another workshop. Another reunion was working on the establishing of groups, which will ensure the peaceful and no-violent character of the demonstration, 15th October. They will act in groups of 50 persons, inside the demonstration, in the case of stress. It is proposed to create a festive atmosphere to reduce in advance any tension. Following this idea, a clown-workshop was hold in the garden of the university and more than 30 persons attended it. Several groups of indignants came to Brussels to participate at the Agora Brussels and to share experiences. Today the marches of Germany arrived and Agora Brussels continues to have visits. Nearly 20 students of an institute came, after recommendation of their teacher, to learn more about the movement. Also today, people of the assembly of Nimes shared their knowledge. They confirmed that only the fact of meeting and debating together is already a big step: the process of coming together and arguing together is necessarily to discover that despite differences the same problems are shared. The assembly of Nimes was one assembly who hosted one of the marches crossing France (the Mediterranean March). They let known that the march did not served as an example for activism, but helped the get-together and the coordination of different French assemblies. As small anecdote to comment their arrive in Brussels is the question of one train service team, who saw the button of the 15M and asked if they are marchers; people start to hear and to know about the Movement. Today 19 commissions/ workshops were organized by the Agora Brussels: some were working about the access of books in the society, some were working on alternatives systems, some were working on ideas for new marches, some were working in the “legality-commission”. Other groups were on charge for cleaning, logistic or medical requirements. The group “coexistence” invites everybody tomorrow at 18:30 in entrance hall for the organization of the demonstration. In short: we continue working! Some statements of Indignants for this press release, 13th October: “We are normal persons, which the system has wanted to transform into objects. We are humans and we have the right to speak. We are the most educated generation and the system threw us on the streets. We have a lot of work to do together.” “We want to show the media and the people the immorality of the political and financial system. If until now we in Europe lived well it is because other countries lived in bad conditions. “ “The basic concept of the movement is the direct democracy-because they do not represent us! The movement is worldwide going on and the development takes time, because it is not the same as in Capitalism. All groups are connected to each one, like neurons of a brain.” “The first one rebelling against this system is our Earth, from which we caught resources. We apply for a change, in a peaceful manner. “


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