10:00 workshop Shamanistic chants University 10:00 workshop Hierarchy, privilege and oppression Parc / University 10:00 workshop The Right to Housing Parc / University 11:00 workshop Contra-position between capitalism and people power. Parc / University 11-13:00 debate Axes of the movement: participation University 12:00 workshop Sociocraty: method to find a consensus University 13:00 workshop “How can Art serve a revolution without asking it to serve an ideology, a consensus or collectivist esthetics?” Parc / University 13-17:30 work groups Thematic debate and working groups and elaboration of common projects University 14:30 workshop Formation of affinity gruops for direct actions University 16:30 workshop Civil Disobediance Parc / University 18-20:00 Thematic Popular assemblies Why is there no Sovereignty of the People in this system? Parc / University Alternative economy and self-management 20:30 informative internal asembly Informative internal asembly University CAMP: Elisabeth Park, entrance next to metro Simonis WORKSHOPS: Rooms of the KUB/Elisabeth park Avenue de la Liberté, 1080 Koekelberg, Brussels


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