Global day in Brussels

Yesterday, millions around the world took to the streets and public squares to stand up for human rights and demand direct democracy. The time has come to join together in nonviolent protest on a global scale.

In Brussels, more than 10,000 people marched for 5 hours throughout much of the city passing out leaflets, carrying signs and holding eye-catching demonstrations. Yesterday’s events were the culmination of 82 countries working in solidarity for 5 months of preparation. Madrid alone was host to half a million demonstrators. The approximate one million protestors throughout Spain combined with the those in 1,000 cities around the world brought yesterdays total turnout to a tremendous 4 million.

The march in Brussels maintained a festive atmosphere and was met with little incident. Along the way, symbolic actions were held in key locations including the stock market and Dexia. A jovial team of clowns did an excellent job encouraging, leading and helping to folks maintain a  smile throughout the walk. A variety of nationalites were represented with the Spanish, primarily Germany, France, Holland and Belgium all joined in unison for the much anticipated Oct, 15 festivities. The march concluded at the Parc du Cinquantenaire.

During the protest while most HUB guests were miles away marching peacefully, some 200 police officers stormed the building, tossing out belongings and evicting the 20 people who remained to cook and liaise with the media. Lines of guards and dogs blocked off the university, allowing only brief visits to collect belongings.  Though promises were made to the Koekelberg community that they could enter the building to retrieve their belongings after the march, they were instead met with difficulty.The police were selective about who was allowed to retrieve their things. In some cases, they used force to immediately remove people and their belongings from the building.

Upon returning from the march, Indignandos asked permission to collect at least their backpacks and tents. Initially, the police refused claiming that there was nothing left inside the university. After negotiation, five people were allowed to enter the building and retrieve their belongings with police escorts but without cameras. The police roughly removed one woman from the building siteing “unsanitary conditions”.

Last night the Indignados camped in Parc du Cinquantenaire in 2 degree weather.


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