Spanish protesters bring ‘indignado’ movement to Brussels #OccupyBrussels


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Will Brussels see the same type of protests like those on Wall Street?

Several hundred young people from across Europe have walked to the European capital to protest austerity packages and ineffective political approaches to the euro crisis.

Among them, these Spanish indignados that arrived in Brussels on Saturday. Indignados is Spanish for ‘those who are indignant or outraged’
They believe it is the current political and economic system that has left their country with a youth unemployment rate of 45%.

Their protest will culminate with a demonstration in front of the European Parliament on Saturday, when similar protests are scheduled for other capitals in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

So far, the movement here is Brussels is struggling to echo the demonstrations that have taken place in New York, where thousands of people have ventured the streets to make their voices heard.

But the indignados strongly believe that the global protest on the 15th of October will be a great success. They’re convinced the protests that began on Wall Street are the beginning of a major process of global change.

When the indignados arrived in Brussels on Saturday, 48 of them were arrested by the Belgian police after they refused to leave the park they were trying to camp on. It remains to be seen how the Belgian police will react on Saturday.


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