Action Dexia, 12 october 2011 (video)


The outraged tell about HUB Koekelberg’s facts (video/french)


Spain’s ‘Indignados’ keep #OccupyBrussels protest alive (raw video)

From: EUXTV Camping in the Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels, only a few hundred meters from the institutions of the European Union, approximately 100 Spanish protesters, also known as indignado’s, were keeping the flame…


Spanish protesters bring ‘indignado’ movement to Brussels #OccupyBrussels

From: EUXTV Watch Video Will Brussels see the same type of protests like those on Wall Street? Several hundred young people from across Europe have walked to the European capital to protest austerity…


Outraged at HUB (video)

Source: dewereldmorgen Watch the video


Outraged at the HUB (video)

From: dewereldmorgen Watch video


Why we are here #OccupyBrussels 15Oct (video)

Action at la Bourse Bruselas. 15Oct. (video)

Brussles Transition Day, 15th of October (VIDEO)

One Indignant marcher brutally kicked in the face by a policeman

Wednesday 12th of October of 2011, a group of 30 indignant decided to occupy the headquaters on Dexia Bank in Brussels. As characteristic of this movement, the occupation was done pacifically sitting in…


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