International Marches

Call up for the march on bike


PROMOVIDEO Dutch March to Brussels [Route 4]


Netherlands March [ROUTE 4]

RUTA 4 [Nederland Mars] 100 PERS. aprox. [11/10] Den Haag [12/10] Breda [13/10] Atwerpen (BE) [14/10] Brussels


German March [ROUTE 3]

RUTA 3 [Deutsche Marsche] 150 PERS. aprox. [07/10] Aaachen-Gulpen [08/10] Maastricht [09/10] Tongeren (BE) [10/10] Sint Truiden [11/10] Tienen [12/10] Leuven [13/10] Brüssel

Log Book (16/09): Convergence of Struggles

Bagneux, September 16 Day 53 of the March on Brussels. From Montlhéry, 26 km This morning Dear people, We are camping near the gates of Paris. We have reencountered comrade Waldo who has meticulously…

Travel to Agora Paris for FREE

Trains french unions support the marches and they will leave the groups of people who travel to Paris from May 16 to 18 do it without ticket just if it is to attend the…

The march from Toulouse log book: ’47th stage Mer – Meung-sur-Loire’

Source: The march from Toulouse 10/09/2011 After the disastrous night experienced by the group of marchers yesterday, all chose to hit the road and march the next stage, despite the fatigue and general…

The march from Toulouse: 46th stage Blois – Mer (the baptism)

The march from Tolouse 09/09/2011 A dozen marchers and three scouts were at the beginning of the stage in Blois. The marchers were able to once more appreciate the solidarity of the Bloisians…

Marcha Tolouse: route

[09/09] Orleans 19 KM [10/09] Orleans  * [11/09] Orleans [12/09] Orleans (Arrival of Marcha Meseta) [13/09] Toury 35 km ** [14/09] Etampes 34 km [15/09] Bretigny 25 km [16/09] Bagneux 24km *Rest to…

Euro+ Pact: Get out!

From: On 15 September the European Parliamant is about to vote six proposals that will harden the euro pact in harder to save the banks all over again. This will reinforce austerity…


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