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Log book (12/09): ‘(in) the direction of the march’

The marches departed for Brussels with the goal of forming a liaison with the French, Belgian and European movements, by extension, considering the movement in its new European dimension as syncretic, collective. The…

Journal of a traveler on the road (11/09): ‘Terra incognita’

Here no one speaks our language and the few translators who are with us are too busy with their statutory and logistic functions to help us. We have of course French-Castilian dictionaries but…

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The MMediterranea arrives tomorrow to Narbonne

We are camped at Durban Corbière, a village near Perpiñán which main feature is the high people´s hospitality. This evening, at 18:30 or 19:00, People´s Assembly and activities. If anybody want come to…


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