International March to Athens: Next step to dignity

Next step for dignity! After our participation in the Ágora and 15th of Octuber global manifestation in Brussels, we have decided that our march can’t be stopped. And since our desire is to…


Cunning plan of police and authorities to discredit the indignados

From: reele Democratie Niepleuen Apparently the police has damaged tents and material of the Indignados, while they were emptying the HUB building during the demonstration. Pathetic. Revenge because one of their colleagues was…


Spanish protesters bring ‘indignado’ movement to Brussels #OccupyBrussels

From: EUXTV Watch Video Will Brussels see the same type of protests like those on Wall Street? Several hundred young people from across Europe have walked to the European capital to protest austerity…

Indignación contra la Bolsa y el banco Dexia

Fuente: Público 16/10/2011 Los belgas salen a la calle al grito de “devolvednos nuestro dinero” El cartel que anunciaba la entrada a la Financial Tower de Bruselas se convirtió ayer en un collage…


The March arriving to Brussels


Agora Brussels October the 8th. Assambly (Video)


Workshop “Females are the true… state debts”. 11h Next to the Central Station, square at the front of the BNP Paribas Workshop “The fights against water privatization” 11h KUB Parc Elisabeth Popular Assembly…


Arrival of the marches to Brussels (video)

E.U. ‘Indignants’ camp out in Brussels park

From: Rawstory Topics: austerity measures ♦ brussels district ♦ street demonstrators About 150 anti-capitalist “Indignants” who marched from France, the Netherlands and Spain, defied a ban to set up camp in a Brussels…


‘Indignants in Brussels’ (BBC interview/ podcast)

  Listen to the podcast


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